This blog looks at the important of centralised domain management and the benefits of a coordinated organisational approach. We often come across companies that discover they have domain names they are not aware of but are registered to their company. Or we hear and read about major companies who have ex-employees that were previously responsible for registering company domain names, only to find out they have no access to the domain name as it was registered through various registrars. The process of getting access to these domain names can be a lengthy and difficult process. 

How does this happen? Through the absence of a centralised domain strategy. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to adopt a centralised approach to domain names, to avoid such risks and problems arising in the future.

Below are the key important reasons to having a centralised domain name approach:

  • Greater visibility and security of all your domain name assets through a single provider.
  • Reduces the risk of missed domain name renewals.
  • Simplified billing and admin – you will have less vendors to be dealing with, which in turns leads to less admin on your end.
  • If someone who has previously registered domain names leaves the company, there is no scrambling to find out which domain names this individual has registered for the company and where they are registered.

A common question we get asked, is who should look after domain names? There is no straight answer to that as it can depend on several things such as your company structure and responsibilities. In most organisations we see IT, Legal or Marketing managing this function, however regardless of the division managing domains, it is important that there is a clear line of communication between all 3 of these divisions. They are all equally important. Marketing will seek to register and put forward domain’s names relevant to a company’s brand or campaign; Legal will seek to mitigate any risk through reviewing the domains that are being registered to ensure there is no conflict, take relevant action against any potential domain name registered by third parties and ensuring monitoring of brands across key domain name spaces; IT will ensure the correct setup of the website and DNS, ensuring your companies major domain name assets are running securely and effectively. 

We strongly recommend having one of these functions be the primary contact or central source for all domain names whilst still ensuring the other 2 divisions are heavily involved in the strategy of your companies domain name management. This will ensure a robust, strategic, and effective approach in managing your domain name portfolio. And also reduce the risk of losing domain names.

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