Fake Review Removal

Managed support for addressing and removing fake content.

Remove Fake Reviews

Fake social media reviews come in many forms and can be an insidious way to harm your business. Brand owners are often left infuriated and feel helpless when false reviews are left on platforms such as Google Reviews or Facebook Feedback.  They can can include:
  • competitors trying to undermine your brand 
  • false statements about your business
  • false negative interactions
  • former disgruntled employees who have an axe to grind
  • burner accounts to increase the impact of complaints
  • ransom trolls who target brands via online review sites
Fake social media reviews

Brandsec’s Fake Review Shutdown Service.

brandsec have developed proven monitoring enforcement processes to detect and assist with removing fake reviews on a number of online review sites, including Google Reviews and Facebook Feedback.

Fake Social Media Review Takedown Service 

Qualification of the fake social review.

Proven step by step process to remove fake reviews.

Case management with the review platform.

Managing takedown of fake social reviews can be a little bit hit and miss if you try to engage the platform direction, so it is critical that businesses engage brand protection companies like brandsec who have well developed processes and relationships to deal with fake reviews when they occur. In the long run it will save you a lot of stress and money protecting against lost customers and loss of new business.