Trademark Monitoring

Identifies identical and similar trademark applications before they impact your brand

Local Presence Global Reach

brandsec’s trademark monitoring connects to databases in Australia and around the world to detect possible 3rd party threats to your IP

Detect possible threats before the objections timeframe expires.

Local agents in all of the major markets to assist with any application or objection.

Bespoke TM monitoring solutions for complex IP organisations.

Trademark Monitoring

Trademark Services

Global brands who care about their intellectual property invest in monitoring technologies to discover threats. They also monitor the trademark applications of their major competitors as an intelligence source of product and market information. brandsec’s trademark monitoring solution caters for both scenarios and has a defensive and offensive program that protects and keeps you on the forefront of market intel.

We connect to TM databases around the world and can provide periodic TM threat reports and you can access our platform as receive live updates of threats as they are found.  You have the ability to refine search criteria as the TM monitoring program evolves and we can also conduct once off global audits that covers all of the markets where you are active or have an interest in.

Let brandsec develop a tailored trademark monitoring solution to meet you needs and budget. We can monitor locally or globally depending on the reach of your brand and our global team of agents can assist you to address matter, object and even apply for trademarks where gaps are discovered.