Website Monitoring

Managed support for addressing and removing fake websites and pages

Spotting and Shutting Down Fake Websites

The proliferation of fake websites poses a significant threat to brands of all sizes. These deceptive sites often mimic legitimate businesses, leading to brand reputation damage, financial losses, and erosion of consumer trust. At Brandsec, we understand the critical importance of protecting your brand from such malicious activities. Our comprehensive approach to brand protection involves proactive monitoring, swift identification, and effective takedown of fake websites. 

website monitoring

Malicous Domain Registrations

Malicious domain names are created with the intent to host phishing content, deceive users, and steal sensitive information. Cybercriminals use these domains to impersonate legitimate brands, leading to significant financial and reputational damage. Key signals for malicous domain names include:

Recently Registered Domain Names: Domains that have been registered within the past few days or weeks are often used in phishing schemes.

Misspellings and Typos: Domains that mimic legitimate brand names but contain slight misspellings or typos (e.g., ‘arnazon.com’ instead of ‘amazon.com’).

Imitation of Legitimate Websites. Domains that closely resemble well-known websites in design and content, aimed at deceiving users into providing personal information.

Compromised Websites

Compromised websites present a serious challenge for brand protection, as cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in legitimate sites to host malicious content. This not only endangers users but also tarnishes the reputation of the affected brands. Getting compromised website content removed is often fraught with difficulties, including unresponsive website hosts, complex legal jurisdictions, and the need for technical expertise.

At Brandsec, we have years of experience navigating these challenges. Our team is adept at working with website hosts, ISPs, and website owners to ensure that infringing content is swiftly and effectively removed. With our proven track record and comprehensive approach, we quickly removed brand damaging content and shutdown compromised websites vulnerabilities.


Copyright, the DMCA and brand owners rights

What is the DMCA?

  • The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a U.S. law from 1998.
  • It helps protect copyright holders online.

What Does the DMCA Do?

  • It allows creators to fight against unauthorized use of their work online.
  • Creators can issue a “takedown notice” to remove infringing content.

Issuing a Takedown Notice:

  • Most hosts have a dedicated copyright infringement email or form.
  • The notice must include the details of your work, and relevant evidence.

What Happens Next?

  • The hosting service should quickly remove or disable the content.
  • There’s a counter-notice option where the use of the content is legitimate.