Brand Monitoring

brandsec keep a constant watch on your brand.
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Scan hundreds of channels and platforms on the web to detect online brand abuse.
Domain Monitoring

Watch and audit new domain registrations across 1,300+ TLDs.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitor your brand name and trademarks across social media.

Trademark Monitoring

Watch your brand name for information on newly published trademarks.

Monitoring Brands Online

brandsec scans hundreds of channels and platforms on the web to detect any issues, IP infringements or abuse associated with your brand.

Monitor as many channels as you like, or focus on key problem platforms.

Profile 3rd parties damaging your brand – gain deep insights into attackers.

Understand how your brand is being used by partners or customers.

Quickly identify fake websites or profiles.

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Domain Monitoring

brandsec’s domain name monitoring service scans hundreds of domain name spaces for new registrations that contain our client’s brands.

Early detection for 3rd party registrations of your brand.

Intelligence: detect what brands your competitors are registering through domain names.

Identify patterns of registration behaviour of brand infringers.

General Web Monitoring

Web Monitoring can be tailored to your specific purpose from monitoring franchisees or partners to identifying when your brand is associated with undesirable brands.

General web monitoring for brand or logo abuse.

Identify unauthorised brand association.

Identify hate websites or blogs focussed on damaging your brand .

social media monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

Automatically scan hundreds of social media platforms; through intelligent matching, match multiple accounts and profiles to single user.

Identify brand imposters and fake social accounts .

Cover hundreds of social platforms including Facebook and Twitter etc.

Prioritise fake accounts that are purportedly selling your products.

Find brand damaging content,hate comments and conversations that could be damaging your brand.

Marketplace Monitoring

If you sell products on platforms like Amazon, eBay or any other online marketplace, monitoring your brand for fakes is essential to protect your income.

Automatically detect and combat counterfeiting from the major global online marketplaces.

Fully managed enforcement service with various enforcement options provided for each infringement.

Seller prioritisation allows us to identify the sellers who are causing most damage to your brand.

Reporting: track trends of counterfeiting and effectiveness of the service.


Trademark Monitoring

brandsec monitoring trademark registrations across the world. Get early warning of other similar trademarks that may be filed with Trademarks Offices in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the US.

Monitoring for trademark registrations identical or similar to your brand.

Monitoring your competitors for new mark applications.

Automatically match trademark and domain name registrations.