• .AU auDA will change the registration policies and eligibility requirements for .au third level domains (Australia). These new rules will come into effect on April 12, 2021 and are a consolidation of the more than 30 policies and guidelines which currently apply to .au domain name licences. Moreover, there will be also some technical changes including the enforcement of new validation checks and changes to existing check processes.
  • .ASIA The .asia registry has updated their .asia premium domain name list.
  • .BANK fTLD will release .bank Common Community Names via a first-come, first-served procedure and accept applications beginning March 1, 2021 (11am EST).
  • .COOP will change its registration policy on March 22, 2021. This change is being implemented to simplify the process of registering .coop domain names. As of the above date, .coop domain names registered to new (unverified) registrants will no longer be placed on the “serverHold” status prior to eligibility verification; instead, domains will be activated in the DNS so they can be immediately used. .coop registrants must “self-certify” their eligibility during the registration process. This self-certification will then be subject to periodic audit by the registry where they will be required to submit evidence of their eligibility to retain their .coop domain name.
  • .TH The THNIC foundation is launching the first round of .th second-level domain registration for 2021 on February 1, 2021. It will end on March 31. All proceeds from .th SLD domain name registrations and renewals will be allocated to fund projects that aim to THNIC Academy training projects and develop Internet infrastructures for public benefit in Thailand.
  • .FR UK residents are no longer eligible for the .fr TLD or any of the other TLDs managed by Afnic.
  • .KZ As already announced in our November newsletter, the registry of Kazakhstan has updated its policies. It is no longer necessary for the name servers to be hosted in Kazakhstan. Instead, it is now required that .kz websites are hosted on hosting platforms that are geographically located in Kazakhstan. Officials in Kazakhstan will disable .kz domains for violation of this rule.

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