Social Media Enforcement

Safeguarding Your Brand's Integrity on Social Media

Expert Support against Social Media Fraud

Your brand’s credibility is paramount, and the threat of fake social media activities is a pressing challenge. brandec confronts this issue head-on, offering robust defenses against counterfeit profiles, posts, and ads on over 100 platforms. 

Our team of experts provides vigilant monitoring and rapid response to safeguard your brand’s integrity. With BrandSec, you gain a trusted partner committed to maintaining the authenticity of your social media presence.


A Comprehensive Social Media Fraud Solution

Comprehensive Monitoring: Continuous surveillance across over 100 social media and messaging platforms to detect unauthorized or counterfeit content.

Rapid Response: Swift action to address and remove fake profiles, posts, and ads, minimizing potential damage to your brand.

Expert Analysis: In-depth examination by our team of specialists to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent content effectively.

Tailored Strategies: Customized solutions designed to align with your brand’s unique presence and requirements on social media.

Detailed Reporting: Regular, transparent reports providing insights into the threats identified and the actions taken to protect your brand.

24/7 Support: Round-the-clock assistance to ensure your brand is defended at all times against the evolving landscape of online threats.

Issues & Platforms we Enforce

Bad actors create social media profiles that closely mimic those of legitimate brands, using similar names, logos, and branding. They might post fake promotions, phishing links, or spread misinformation, damaging the brand's reputation and potentially defrauding customers. Quickly removing impersonating accounts helps prevent scams and financial exploitation of customers who might believe they are interacting with the real brand. It also helps to preserve the trust that customers have in the brand, showing that the company is proactive in protecting its clientele.

On social media, counterfeiting often involves the creation of profiles or pages that mimic legitimate brands, selling counterfeit products at seemingly attractive prices. These accounts may post pictures of fake goods, misleading users into believing they are purchasing genuine items. The impact of such deceitful practices is twofold: customers end up with inferior, possibly dangerous products, and the genuine brands suffer from reputational damage and potential loss of revenue. Moreover, counterfeit sales on social media can fund illicit activities and violate intellectual property rights. Therefore, addressing counterfeiting is crucial not only for protecting consumers from fraud but also for upholding the integrity and financial health of legitimate businesses.

Fake staff scams on social media typically involve individuals posing as employees or recruiters of reputable companies. These imposters often reach out to users with enticing job offers or opportunities for collaboration, leveraging the credibility of the brand they're impersonating. They might request sensitive personal information, upfront payments, or bank details under the guise of job processing fees or equipment costs. The importance of addressing these scams lies in their potential for severe personal and financial harm to unsuspecting victims. Additionally, such fraudulent activities can significantly damage the reputation of the impersonated brands, leading to a loss of public trust. By actively combating these scams, companies not only protect potential victims but also maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of their brand.

Fake ads on social media are a deceptive practice where scammers create advertisements that mimic legitimate brands, offering products or services at too-good-to-be-true prices. These ads often lead to counterfeit product sites, phishing pages, or other fraudulent platforms designed to steal personal and financial information. The urgency in addressing these fake ads stems from their widespread reach and convincing nature, which can easily lure unsuspecting users into scams. This not only results in financial losses and potential identity theft for individuals but also damages the reputation of the genuine brands being impersonated. For brands, it's crucial to actively monitor and report such ads to protect their customers and maintain trust in their legitimate advertising.

Fake contests on social media typically involve scammers creating alluring giveaways or competitions that mimic those of legitimate brands. These contests often promise valuable prizes in exchange for personal information, entry fees, or actions like sharing the post or tagging friends. The underlying motive is usually to harvest personal data for malicious use, such as identity theft, or to scam participants out of money. Addressing these fake contests is crucial because they exploit users' trust and enthusiasm, leading to potential financial loss and personal data breaches. Moreover, they can damage the reputation of the legitimate brands being impersonated, eroding customer trust. Brands and platforms need to actively monitor and combat these deceptive practices to protect their users and maintain the integrity of genuine marketing efforts. 

brandsec excels in protecting brands intellectual property on social media, meticulously tracking and addressing instances of copyright infringement. Our specialized team swiftly identifies and tackles unauthorized use, ensuring your content remains under your control. With BrandSec, your brand's originality and intellectual rights are preserved, maintaining the integrity and value of your creative work.

brandsec employs advanced analytics to identify and scrutinize potential fake reviews that can tarnish your brand's reputation. Our team works closely with platforms to remove inauthentic feedback, ensuring your customer reviews genuinely reflect the quality of your services or products. Through vigilant monitoring and strategic response, brandsec maintains the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand's online presence.


Comprehensive protection against fake FB Accounts, Pages, Groups, Profiles Posts and Advertisments


We protect brands on Twitter by removing fake profiles, posts and conversations.


We protect brands on YouTube by detecting, reporting, and removing infringing videos and comments.


We discover and enforce against fake Linkedin Profiles and brand damaging content


We find and enforce fake profiles, copyright images and other brand damaging content

IM Platforms

We can enforce against brand damaging content on telegram, whatsapp discord and other IM apps

Why Choose Brandsec

Expert Knowledge

Our team is well-versed in the policies and procedures of various social media platforms, ensuring effective and compliant takedown actions.

Proactive Protection

We believe in a proactive approach to safeguard your brand, staying ahead of threats in the fast-paced social media landscape.

Tailored Strategies

Our strategies are customized to fit your brand’s specific needs and social media presence.

Client Testimonials

Hear from our clients who have experienced enhanced brand integrity and reputation through our dedicated services.

Partner with Brandsec

Let’s work together to protect your brand from the risks posed by fake social media accounts. Contact us to find out more about our specialized services.

Our Services for Removing Fake Social Media Accounts

1. Comprehensive Monitoring

We employ sophisticated monitoring tools to scan social media platforms for accounts misusing your brand's name, logo, or other identifying information.

2. Detailed Verification

Our team conducts an in-depth analysis of flagged accounts to verify their authenticity, ensuring that only fraudulent or impersonating accounts are targeted for removal.

3. Swift Takedown Action

Upon confirming an account as fake or impersonating, we initiate takedown processes with the respective social media platforms, leveraging our expertise in social media policies and procedures.

4. Ongoing Vigilance

After the removal of fake accounts, we continue to monitor for new threats, ensuring that your brand remains protected on an ongoing basis.

5. Brand Reputation Management

In addition to removing fake accounts, we offer comprehensive services to manage and enhance your brand's reputation on social media.