Email Fraud Defense

Understand the threats to your business

Organizations of all sizes and industries have lost more than $26 billion in email fraud attacks since 2016. Attackers use a range of identity deception tactics, such as domain spoofing and lookalike domains, to lure victims into making fraudulent wire transfers and among various types of email scams, supplier invoicing fraud often accounts for the most significant financial loss due to large B2B payments.

Protect Against Impostor Threats

Deploying email authentication can help protect against impostor threats. But implementing DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) can be a lengthy, complex process. And it introduces the risk of interrupting legitimate mail flow.

Email Fraud Defense simplifies your DMARC journey

Email Fraud Defense simplifies your DMARC journey by guiding you through your entire deployment. We authenticate all emails delivered to and sent from your organization without blocking legitimate email. We protect your brand from email fraud attacks and mitigate risks of inbound impostor threats. With Email Fraud Defense, you can better protect your customers, business partners and even employees against business email compromise (BEC) scams—restoring trust in your email.

Unlike other solutions that only show you numbers on a dashboard, Email Fraud Defense provides you with actionable insights and recommendations. You can better track, manage and take actions on open tasks. With Email Fraud Defense, you don’t have to worry about failing DMARC or blocking valid emails while preventing attackers from spoofing your domains.

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