A comprehensive domain name blocking service

What is Global Block?

GlobalBlock is the world’s first unified domain name blocking service, and the
beginning of a new era for online brand protection.

GlobalBlock instantly blocks all available names matching your brand in hundreds of domain extensions simultaneously, providing a level of protection for brand owners not previously possible.

GlobalBlock focuses on “exact matches” of the brand name, helping to avoid blocking domains that may impact availability for future registrants.

What is GlobalBlock?
GlobalBlock is available in two distinct product types, each designed to provide a different level of protection for brand owners

Instant exact match coverage across hundreds of domain name extensions available across the industry.

Increased protection that additionally blocks a select range of look-alike variations that are often used in online scams.

Key Features GlobalBlock GlobalBlock Plus
Direct blocking across all GlobalBlock TLDs
Premium domain name blocking
Priority AutoCatch
Domain Unblock
Unlimited blocking of main labels
Blocking of homoglyph confusable characters

Key Features

Cost Reduction

Compared to individual registrations, blocking represents significant cost benefits and unlike domain registration there's no need to maintain each individual domain.

Direct Protection

Our sophisticated technology connects directly to all participating registries in parallel and applies block protection in real-time with no further requirements to be met by the registrant.

Global Coverage

Bringing together registries and TLD operators, our coverage is not limited to one provider and aims to include all available TLDs.

Priority AutoCatch

Our blocking technology continues to work in the background beyond the initial order and will catch any domain that could not be blocked the very moment it becomes available.

Domain Unblocking

Want to use a domain for a specific campaign or promotion? With GlobalBlock you have the freedom to move domains in and out of your block whenever you wish.

Key Points

GlobalBlock automatically blocks all available domains in every GlobalBlock extension

GlobalBlock does not ‘register’ domains or just place them on ‘reserved lists’. Blocks are placed directly into participating registries via our specific private BSA API connection

Blocks are implemented using proprietary technology and do not appear in the relevant zone files.

GlobalBlock orders are verifiable via a standard Whois lookup that states that the domain is protected by GlobalBlock

How does GlobalBlock work?

GlobalBlock directly blocks all available names that match your brand in each specific registry and places them in the your ‘blocking’ account so that no one else can buy them. This eliminates the need to register individual domains and renew them year after year.

Brandowners should apply for the GlobalBlock via their brandsec Account Manager. We will liaise with you and handle all of the applications and admin to get the ball rolling.

Once registered the GlobalBlock to deny any 3rd party’s attempt to register your brands in the participating TLD spaces, and if you have applied for the GlobalBlock, also different variations of your brand.

If your brand is already registered in one of the participating TLDs, you will have the first right to register it, should it be made available. For a comprehensive Q&A on Global Block, click here.

Cost Savings

Companies around the world spend millions protecting their online brands and often pay big money to park domain names for brand protection purposes.

GlobalBlock will allow brands to reduce the size of their domain name portfolios and only focus on the domain names that add value to their business.


Key Points

GlobalBlock will help brands to save significant costs

This will also help brands to invest in other digital activities

Key Points

This service is provided free of charge and domains will be added to your account automatically

Agents will be notified by the BSA each time a name is added

Priority AutoCatch

GlobalBlock protects brands around the clock via the Priority AutoCatch feature, continually monitoring for domains with your brand name that may have been held by squatters.

If these names are not renewed, Priority AutoCatch seizes them at the registry level and automatically adds them to your account before they are released to the public, at no extra charge.

Customer Eligibility

Eligibility Type
Registered trademark Unregistered trademark Company or organization name Celebrity name
An active nationally or regionally registered trademark. A mark created by a business or individual to signify or distinguish a product or service. Registered Companies & Trading As names Famous persons, sports stars and personalities, political figures, actors, social media celebrities and public figures.
Acceptable Documentation Examples
  • Certified Copy of trademark registration
  • Screenshot of online record of Intellectual Property body database
  • Articles of Incorporation/ Association
  • Dated advertising and marketing materials
  • Dated photographs
  • Copy of registration documentation
  • Articles of Incorporation/ Association
  • Invoices/Bills
  • Links to websites, social media
  • Registered trademark number
  • Proof of status

GlobalBlock is open to:

Australian brands

Registered trademarks

Unregistered trademarks

Company or registered organization names

Celebrity names

Australian not for profits

Australian clubs and association

Existing DPML customers

DPML extensions are included in GlobalBlock and to ensure that existing DPML customers are provided with the full benefits of GlobalBlock without having to pay duplicate fees, the BSA has created specific DPML sub-products that include only the ‘Non DPML’ extensions.

DPML Upgrade

DPML registrants with expirations scheduled for 2024 are eligible to purchase a full GlobalBlock at a discounted rate


DPMLs expiring outside of 2024 may be eligible for the GlobalBlock DPML Sync product, providing bridging protection for the existing DPML and new GlobalBlock services. The BSA will provide qualifying registrars with product specific details.
DPML customers may purchase a GlobalBlock or GlobalBlock+ service at their discretion. Further terms and conditions may apply.

What TLDs are current covered by Globalblock.

GlobalBlock is set to launch its domain name blocking service with a substantial initial offering of over 600 Top-Level Domains (TLDs) in February. 

This extensive coverage includes a wide array of traditional TLDs, the latest array of new TLDs, as well as country code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs), ensuring that brand owners have a robust first line of defense against cybersquatting. This foundational coverage is carefully selected to provide comprehensive protection, catering to the diverse needs of brands in the digital space.
With an ambitious expansion strategy in place, GlobalBlock plans to rapidly extend its reach into the thousands of domain name spaces. 
Cost of GlobalBlock

What does Global Block Cost?

GlobalBlock offers a straightforward and transparent pricing model designed to accommodate brands of all sizes. Our standard package, GlobalBlock, is available at a competitive flat rate, providing coverage for over 600 TLDs. As we expand our service to include thousands of TLDs, the cost for new registrants may increase to reflect the additional value provided. However, we also offer GlobalBlock+, which includes all the benefits of GlobalBlock with premium features such as advanced monitoring and dedicated support.
For brands looking for long-term protection, we provide an option to lock in the current rate for a three-year period. By doing so, participating brands can enjoy price protection and avoid any potential increase in service fees until the renewal date, despite the growing number of TLDs included in the program. This approach not only ensures cost predictability but also guarantees comprehensive brand security at a constant price, allowing for better financial planning and investment in brand protection strategies. 

GlobalBlock Q&A

We understand that you probably have many questions about the GlobalBlock programme and as such we have compiled a list of questions and answers that hopefully answers all of your points of query. 

If there is anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our dedicated GlobalBlock query form.

GlobalBlock Info Brochure

We have summarised the pertinent information in an easy to digest two-page brochure that you are welcome to download and share with your colleagues.  This will be updated regularly, particularly on launch and as new domain name spaces are added to the programme.

If there is anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our dedicated GlobalBlock query form.