Brand Forensics

brandsec specialize in infringer research and investigation services

Brand Attack: Profiling Attackers

When you experience a brand attack, the first step is to develop a forensic profile of the attacker.  brandsec conduct a brand forensic and investigative research into issues to identify the attacker, their motives and the extent of damage caused.

  • full digital investigation reporting 
  • fake social media profile, online identity theft, scams
  • connect attacks to different profiles and websites
  • brand forensics profiles of 3rd party infringers

Online Investigations and Evidence Gathering

  • brand forensics provide profile and evidence reports on top infringers
  • Experienced online investigation teams and agents around the world
  • Navigate around privacy blocks to identify key infringers
  • Provide litigation packs and provide information for AFP reports
domain name monitoring

Brand Infringement Reports

  • tailored brand infringement reports to suit your purpose
  • reports on social media, general web, marketplace, and paid app infringements
  • scope and extent of brand damage identified
  • identify the infringer,  all associated infringements, physical operations, contact information, associated entities, directorships and more
  • brand forensics evidence reports on request

Test Purchases

If it’s unclear whether a product is authentic, our brand forensics team anonymously order a test purchase of the product, which allow us to assess the products validity and also gain additional seller information.

  • Anonymous test purchase
  • Test purchase trace report
  • Seller information solicitation and communication management

Brand Forensics Trademark Investigation Reports

Our brand forensics provide our clients with due diligence and background screening reports on infringers and specific infringement cases. We leverage a range of data and information sources to ensure you are fully informed to make accurate decisions about your brand.

  • Trademark infringement identification
  • Evidence gathering
  • Infringer profile reports

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