Domain Name Registration and Renewal

Secure, fast, safe and automated domain name registration and renewal service.

The Basics: Registration & Renewal

brandsec removes the risk and hassle out of managing large and complex domain name portfolios. We can register domain names anywhere in the world and our staff have years of experience working with local and global brands on domain name registration and renewal matters.

A cost effective domain management solution.

Experience matters – our staff members have decades of domain management experience.

Monthly billing with NO surprise spikes or charges.

domain risk management

Removing risk and reducing administration

​brandsec take care of all the cumbersome administrative work to save you time and remove the risk of business critical domain names expiring. We dedicate ourselves to providing a hassle and risk free domain portfolio management service with renewal management, provisioning of new registration requests, simplified invoiced billing by business unit, expert advice and much more.

Automated domain name renewals by default.

Managed SSL process to ensure your valuable SSL do not expire.

Reduced workload managing your domain name portfolio.

Global domain name service

Register anywhere in the world

We enable fully automated registrations under more than 1,000 top-level domains and secure, fast and easy management of a global domain portfolio from a single source.

We take care of the paperwork

Often domain names from other countries require a lot of paperwork, authentication and checks before a country code top level domain name (cctld) will be issued. brandsec manage all of the associated paperwork for ccTLD registrations and manage communication between the Registry and Registrar to ensure our clients international domain names are registered fast, and without hassle.

Local Presence

Some global domain name spaces require a local contact, address or business licence. For many global domain names brandsec’s global agent service can provide a local presence to ensure that you meet the relevant domain name requirements.

domain manage
customer service

Customer service, efficiency and care

When a domain name is already registered, brandsec can assist to acquire it on your behalf for a fraction of the price you would otherwise pay.

Account Manager Support

brandsec’s Account Management team are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. We have in depth knowledge of the domain name system, domain name requirements for different TLDs, dispute mechanisms, DNS, domain name security and other domain name related products. We also pride ourselves on customer service excellence and responsive support.

Strategic Renewal Management

​brandsec take care of the strategic renewal management of your company’s domain names. Your portfolio will be set to auto-renew and we work with you every quarter to ensure that you have the optimal domain name portfolio in terms of brand coverage, budget and use. We will work with the business to cull unwanted domain names or domain names that represent little value and look out for opportunities where domain names are available that align with your brand and domain name strategy.

Monthly Billing, minus the Surprises

​Manually renewing domain names is administratively cumbersome and time consuming. brandsec provide our clients with a simple invoice every month. We can itemise your invoice by business unit, brand or product and can even provide multiple invoices if required. Our simplified billing model is clean and we do not surprise our clients with unwanted opt-out products or services.

Free DNS and web forwarding

Free DNS Access

Our DNS system is deployed globally, with servers hosted in four continents worldwide. It is scalable, and has the highest standard of redundancy built in. Our team of DNS experts can also support tricky DNS requests and provide advice where needed. Best of all – it is free for all domains managed by brandsec.

Free Web Forwarding

At brandsec we aim to optimise your domain name portfolio which is why we give our clients free Web Forwarding, which includes search engine friendly 301 redirects. We can increase our client’s digital footprint by deploying your dormant domain names at no cost to your business.