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brandsec identifies and removes brand damaging content from the internet.

What is online brand protection?

Online brand protection is a set of strategies and tactics that companies use to protect their brand from online threats and abuses. This can include a range of activities, such as monitoring for online infringements and counterfeit products, enforcing trademarks and copyrights, and managing online reputation. The goal of online brand protection is to safeguard a company’s brand and reputation, and to prevent financial losses that can result from brand abuse.
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The Benefits of Online Brand Protection

There are several potential benefits that your business could gain from implementing online brand protection strategies. These benefits can include:

  1. Protecting your brand and reputation
  2. Reducing financial losses
  3. Maintaining a competitive edge
  4. Enhancing customer trust and satisfaction

Online brand protection as a service works seamlessly in the background while you focus on your business and customers.  It puts you in front of attacks and allows a quick response not possible through manual searches and enforcement efforts.

What is the business case for online brand protection?

To justify the costs of implementing online brand protection strategies it is important to consider the potential financial losses that your business could incur if your brand is not properly protected. For example, if your brand is infringed upon or counterfeit products are sold in your name, you could lose revenue from sales, face legal costs, and suffer damage to your reputation. These losses can be significant, and in some cases, they can outweigh the costs of implementing online brand protection measures. Also considers the potential gains that your business could achieve by protecting your brand online. For example, if you are able to prevent counterfeiting and infringement, you can protect your revenue streams and maintain the value of your brand. This can help to ensure the long-term success and profitability of your business. In addition, implementing online brand protection measures can help to enhance customer trust and satisfaction, which can drive repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals. This can provide a tangible return on your investment in brand protection and can help to justify the costs.
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What Channels are covered by Brand Protection?

Online brand protection often involves monitoring the internet for instances of brand abuse, such as counterfeit products, trademark infringement, and other forms of infringement.

Overall, online brand protection covers a wide range of channels, including domain names, social media, online marketplaces, instant messenger, mobile apps and websites where a brand’s reputation and intellectual property may be at risk.  It can also include the darkweb and some closed group chats.

Brand Protection Solutions for Counterfeits

Automatically detect and combat counterfeits from the major global online marketplaces.

Fully managed enforcement service with various enforcement options provided for each infringement.

Seller prioritisation allows us to identify the sellers who are causing most damage to your brand.

Reporting that tracks trends of counterfeits and effectiveness of the service.

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Brand Protection for Domain Names

Domain Name and Zone File monitoring across AU and global domain name spaces.

The ability to track and trace when an infringing domain is newly registered.

Streamlined enforcement with templates and enforcement processes to ensure efficient takedown of infringing domain names.

Experienced global domain name infringement team ready to assist.

Brand Protection for Fake Social Accounts

Fake social media accounts can steal and scam your valuable customers.

Our software identifies brand imposters on social media accounts, which are then removed and blacklisted.

We can monitor hundreds of social media platforms or focus on the key platforms important to your business.

Our Enforcement team have a deep understanding of the major review sites policy programs to remove fake accounts.


Brand Enforcement for Paid Search

Monitor all major search engines for unauthorised use of IP in paid advertisements.

Aggregates and analyse data of infringers across multiple search engines.

Case management and enforcement of your rights on Paid Search.

Brand Enforcement: Fake Social Media Comments

Fake social media reviews can have serious impacts for brands.

Often competitors or haters just want to cause your brand damage.

brandsec monitor social media platforms and detect possible fake reviews.

We provide removal case management through an intimate understanding of social removal policy.

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