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Veteran domain name professionals who provide accurate and reliable domain name advice.

Veterans – Experience is key

At brandsec we endeavour to provide the best possible advice on all domain name, DNS and SSL related matters. Our team of domain name experts have seen it all when it comes to domain names and their extensive experience and deep knowledge will assist you make the right decision, every time.

We will identify opportunities within the domain market for your business.

Allow our team of experts to develop a customised solution for you.

Protection from mistakes and tripwires common within the domain name industry.

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Understand the threats and opportunities

As a result of the introduction of hundreds of new domain names, brand owners can often feel overwhelmed with choice and frustrated by the costs they have to outlay. It is simply not viable to register your brand in every new space, let alone register common typo mistakes of your brand.

Through a market, industry and portfolio analysis, we will provide you with a customised strategy that takes into account your local and global marketing strategy, budget and identifies the best TLD emerging domain name spaces for your market.

When we onboard a new client, we provide a domain name portfolio analysis which is an environment study to understand the opportunities and threats to your brand. We analyse your current domain name portfolio, your partners or agents domains, identify unauthorised registrations, and highlight missing domain registrations in your portfolio. We might also make recommendations for divesting a portion of your portfolio to redirect those funds to more valuable domain names.

Tailored domain strategy

We develop a domain strategy tailored to your business and optimise your existing processes and procedures. We can even assist with documenting your domain registration policies for distribution within your organisation. Our special offer includes an analysis of your budget.

Bespoke Domain Name Policy taking into account best practice from around the world.

Policy Adherence where your Account Manager will ensure your business follows the correct policy.

Annual Reviews so your Account Manager will review your policy annually to ensure relevance.