Social Media Monitoring

Identify fake social media profiles and brand damaging content before it impacts your brand

Monitor Your Brand Across All Major Social Media Platforms

brandsec’s monitoring platform provides a comprehensive dual purpose monitoring of the social media space on the internet. Social media platforms offer a voice to brands, counterfeiters, disgruntled ex-employees and unauthorized third parties alike. Effective monitoring for and enforcement of unauthorized use of your trademarks is an essential part of any brand protection or social media engagement policy. 

Unauthorized pages: employees or third parties will incorporate your trademarks into their social media content, resulting in traffic diversion, brand dilution and trademark infringement.

Counterfeit and digital piracy: social media networks are used to distribute links to counterfeit products on marketplace and independent sites and to content facilitating digital piracy.

Fake social media channels: copycat / look-a-like social media pages can use your company name and logo to steal personal information from unsuspecting consumers and lend greater credibility to fraudulent activity.

Reputation attacks: social media profiles and content are used to raise awareness of protest or boycott activity and can provide an immediate and extensive outlet for negative sentiment.


Brandsec’s Social Media Monitoring Service

Use CaseBenefit
Protect against loss of revenueproactively monitoring counterfeit and ‘copycat’ profiles
Protect companies from brand infringements and false claims of affiliationWorking with social media platforms to take down any unauthorised content
Quickly address negative reviewsIdentifying individuals posting content containing negative sentiment or known issues
Reduce the risk of reputational damage, counterfeit and fraudIdentifying infringing content on social media platforms and quickly removing it
Understand who is talking about your brand and whereUndertand who is talking about your brand, and which platforms are hotspots for brand damaging content