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A Platform for Corporate Domains

The Brandshelter-brandsec web interface allows you to centrally manage and consolidate your entire domain portfolio in one user-optimized application which simplifies functions such as domain registration, domain transfer, brand management and monitoring.

Our easy-to-use web interface provides the best way to centrally manage your complete domain portfolio – giving you a good overview of your actual domain assets at a glance.

The portal has integrated features especially for larger companies; features such as user-dependent permissions, permission assignments for different business areas or divisions, market classification by brand or other product segments, and monitoring.

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Workflow Configurations

The portal allows brands to incorporate their domain name workflows and approvals into the Portal while maintaining security at the most granular level.

Our hierarchical approval system can be used to ensure your collaborative business-critical processes are guarded with self-configured approval settings, preventing actions until all stakeholders have indicated approval.

Our system allows multiple approval hierarchies if needed, so that if the managers of one hierarchy approve a transaction, the action may then progress to the next hierarchy for approval. The action is not carried out until approved by the last member of the relevant hierarchical tier. Hierarchical configurations per division are also possible.

Portal Security Features

Portal Security

The Portal is developed with security in mind and utilizes proven security techniques throughout the whole software development life cycle. It is one of the few corporate portal’s that is ISO 27001 accredited so offers one fo the most secure online experiences available.

Multi-Factor Authentication

We secure your account with a second user authentication factor. Choose between SMS or RFC 6238 compatible OTP applications like Google Authenticator.

Fine Grained Permissions

User permissions are fully customizable. For as many users as your business model requires, each user action can be allowed or disallowed according to your specifications.

IP Whitelisting

The Portal supports IP whitelisting and connection limits. The whitelisted IP ranges should be supplied when the portal is set up.


ISO Domain Environment

Due to increasing threats from many sources, including cyber attacks, companies and their partners have a duty to protect their data and confidential information from theft and misuse. It is important that this is done to the highest standard as any link in the supply chain is vulnerable.

The Brandshelter domain name environment has been successfully certified according to the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard. The certification confirms that the way we process and store domain information for our customers meets required security standards.

> Protects their information and data effectively

> Verified and optimized business processes

> Eliminates vulnerabilities in the handling and storage of information

> Promotes security awareness across the business teams

> Continuously improves and evolves IT processes

> Avoids security incidents