From 24 March 2022, you can apply:

  • to register new .au direct names that are not already registered in the .au registry (i.e. names are not registered in any existing .au namespace such as or etc.) and;
  • for the exact match of any existing .au domain name you are the existing registrant of. These names will be allocated according to the Priority Allocation Process.

When can I pre-register my .au domain names?

In mid-February, you can pre-register your .au domain names through brandsec.  We will send a series of communications and reminders and in addition, your Account Manager will contact you directly to ensure that your business can secure their .au domain names.

When can I start using my .au domain name?

As soon as your .au domain name registration has been confirmed by the .au Registry, you will be able to start using it immediately.  As a part of our consultation, we will work with you to determine the .au domain names you would like re-directed to your corresponding domain names.  All .au domain names will be live in the portal.

How much will .au cost?

.au domain names pricing will be confirmed in the February communication.

How is the new .au domain space different to

There are two key differences with regards to the rules that set out who can register .au names (eligibility rules) and what name they can choose (.au allocation rules)


Unlike, the new .au space will be open to anyone with a verified connection to Australia – either a resident or a registered business or association.  The has stricter eligibility definitions, specifically, they need to be a registered entity with either a valid ABN, ACN or AU trademark.

.AU Allocation 

The allocation rules for .au allow you to choose any name that is available in the new .au domain space provided it complies with Australian law and meets the syntax requirements. This is a lot less restrictive than the other existing namespaces where there are additional specific rules that outline how the name you choose must be related to you or your organization.

How does the Priority AU Allocation Process work?

Existing registrants with an exact match have the first opportunity to register the name during the six-month Priority Allocation period. With regards to the allocation process, If no one applies for Priority Status during that period, the name can be registered through an accredited registrar on a first-come-first served basis when the Priority Allocation period ends.

Priority categories:

  • Category 1 Domain name licences with a creation date on or before the Priority Status cut-off date of 4 February 2018
  • Category 2 Domain name licences with a creation date after the Priority Status cut-off date of 4 February 2018

How will you get your exact match domain name

.au Allocation Process

How to apply for the new .au domain space?

You will be able to apply for Priority Status when the priority allocation period opens in March 2022.

There will be a fee for lodging an application and the prices of the domain name registration.

Once you lodge your application you will be unable to update the registrant information associated with your domain name while your application remains active, so it is important to make sure it is up to date before you lodge your application.

If you are allocated a name via the Priority Application Process, it will automatically be registered to you on an initial one-year licence. After this initial licence period you will be able to renew it for a licence period of up to five years.

Contested names

In a small number of cases, there will be more than one registrant eligible for a reserved .au domain name, as different registrants can hold the same name in different namespaces. This is referred to as a contested name.

For example:

  • Tina is the registrant of
  • Gene is the registrant of
  • Louise is the registrant of
  • All hold names that were in the registry before the launch of the new .au domain space.
  • Tina, Gene and Louise would all be eligible to apply for Priority Status to register

In these cases, how the new .au domain space is allocated depends on each applicant’s priority category.  If they are all in the same priority category holders will need to negotiate between themselves, and if no agreement can be reached the domain name will be reserved until the matter is settled.

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