Penetration Testing aka pen testing has become a critical part of securing a business’ critical applications and networks. The market has a range of players, some that rely on automated vulnerability scans to highly experienced testers that treat each test with the precision and detail required to find even the smallest, or well hidden, vulnerability.

A diverse team of pen testers is important

Pen testing teams work quicker and better than suppliers who provide a solo tester per project. Having a team of pen testers provides the client with an array of technical skills.

Experience is key when it comes to penetration testing

When choosing a pen testing team, companies should look for three things:

  1. Demonstrated expertise in at least one specific area of pen testing. This should align with the company’s overall goals for the assessment.
  2. Clear, concise, and frequent communication. Communication is vitally important and will help both the pen test team and the client establish a good working relationship and achieve their goal. It is important to clearly communicate in the pen testing report so the client can implement any recommendations and improve their security. It’s just as important to communicate clearly during a readout to both executives and engineers to show the value gained during the penetration test.
  3. Quantifiable technical expertise in pen testing and computer security. Ask for case studies, tester biographies and client references.

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