New .cn verification rules from 1 January 2022, will require all domain names to pass a Real-Name Verification before a domain holder can renew, transfer or sell a Chinese domain name.

Until now, in order to be able to use a .cn domain name, the Registry has required that the owner provide official proof of identity:

  • For foreign businesses and organizations: a copy of business registration documents that show that the owner is a registered legal entity (e.g. articles of incorporation)
  • For Chinese business: a copy of the business registration certificate, the Business License, and/or Organization Code License, scanned and in color
  • For foreign individuals: a passport copy
  • For individuals based in China: a Chinese national identity card or residence permit
  • Defensive registrations were nonetheless possible without having to provide any of these documents.

This regulation is now changing, and all owners of .cn domain names will need to come into compliance by 1 January 2022.

Due to the short-term nature, contact information will be automatically updated with our trustee service free of charge during a grace period until 14th March 2022, so that you can still take the necessary actions in time. After this period, the trustee service will be omitted.

brandsec customers affected have been contacted and we are working with them to ensure compliance.  Contact us if you have any questions relating to this rule change.

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