• ZISPA, the registry of the .co.zw domain ending, is no longer operational and a switch to another organisation to administer Zimbabwe’s TLD is in progress.
    The .club registry has added and moved .club premium names between existing price tiers.
  • .forex, .broker, .trading, .markets, .realty, .observer will be moving to a new registry backend on March 30. Due to this migration the existing premium domain tiers for these TLDs will be mapped to the Donuts premium tiers.
  • The .com.lb registry has lifted the restrictions. A Lebanese trademark certificate and the letter of authorization are not required for domain name registrations anymore. The expiration dates are no longer related to trademark expiration date but will be checked on an annual basis. To renew existing domains forms need to be provided signed by the registrant.
  • The .trust launch has been suspended indefinitely by the registry. Trademark holders who have already registered their .trust domains in Sunrise will receive full refunds to cancel these registrations.
  • The new .dk terms and conditions, which were announced last year and postponed twice, are expected to become effective on May 3, 2021. DK Hostmaster sent out information to all registrants regarding the new version of their terms for the right to use .dk domain names last week.

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