Sorenson Communications, a provider of industry-leading communication products and services for the Deaf, found out the hard way the value of engaging a corporate domain name management service to secure their critical domain name assets.

One of Sorenson important services, includes bringing video relay service (VRS) to deaf, hard of hearing and speech-disabled people.

Video relay service, a form of telecommunications relay service, enables people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing or speech disabled to make calls over broadband through intermediaries using American Sign Language and video equipment, which is funded through the Telecommunications Relay Service Fund.

In mid 2016, somehow the Utah based company simply failed to renew its domain name bringing down their online operation for a three day period from 6 – 8 June 2016.  While the company was scrambling to renew the domain name and bring back services to life, customers who used Sorenson to place calls—including emergency calls were blacked out.

The financial impact of the missed domain renewal for Sorenson was significant.  As a provider of essential service, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made the company pay back $2.7 million to the Telecommunications Relay Services Fund (fee for the outage period) and a $252,000 fine.  The FCC stated:

In 2016, Sorenson failed to renew its domain name, and on June 6, 2016, Sorenson’s website’s domain registration was deactivated. As a result, consumers’ calls made through this domain failed to connect, resulting in a service outage. Service was not fully restored until June 8. The Commission’s investigation found the outage was preventable.

Missing a domain name renewal is so preventable these days and all it takes is a basic domain name management service that includes auto-renewal of domain names.  These services fire proof your business from missed renewal notices, slack processes and staff turn over that are typical causes for missed domain name renewals.

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