.bank & .insurance: New Domain Name Suspension Policy

fTLD is going to introduce the new Domain Name Compliance Escalation and Suspension Policy in the coming months, as the persistent non-compliance by some registrants threatens the integrity of the .bank & .insurance TLDs. The registry is contacting registrants to inform them of this new policy.

In addition, the registry will continue to provide monthly compliance notices to registrants. As a reminder, details about implementing the Security Requirements are available here.

The most common failures the registry sees are:

  • Email authentication, typically that domains do not have DMARC in place.
  • Certificate failures because domains are using a certificate associated with another domain (usually a .com).
  • TLS encryption using weak protocols and/or weak ciphers.
  • Domain redirection occurring from an HTTP connection; all connections must be via HTTPS.
  • Port checks reflecting the use of weak ciphers.

Other News

  • .th enters limited registration phase from 1 July 2021 to 29 July 2021
  • .rugby, .basketball and .sbs now open for general availability (from 15 July 2021)

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