How do you view your business’ key domain name?  Just a $50 naming licence that renews every year or an essential business asset that possibly underpins your entire digital presence and essential to customer engagement and revenue?
Domain names can no longer be considered as mere Internet addresses. Putting aside the trillions of trade that occurs through domain names daily, they have a similar function to trademarks and play an important role in daily IT, marketing and communication processes for any business. They enable organisations to operate in any geographical market without the need for a physical presence. Domain names are an effective marketing tool with hidden potential and value.
Within most companies, many different individuals, groups and departments are involved in domain name management. A centralized domain policy allows a business to have a complete and cohesive view of:
The basics a domain manager needs to know 
A good domain name Manager should have technology and/or partners to stay on on top of the following:
  1. Knowing how many domain names the business has;
  2. Knowing when domain names are coming up for renewal, especially the critical domain names;
  3. Knowing where the domain names are (Registrar);
  4. Ensuring all of the domain names contact details are correct and up to date;
  5. Knowing the login details of the business domain name accounts;
  6. Knowing who has access to the business’ domain names;
  7. Knowing what domain names relate to different divisions and brands within the business;
  8. Manage all redirects and ensure DNS best practice.
Key Aspects of a Good Domain Policy
The brandsec and BrandShelter teams have created domain name policy for some of the largest brands in the world.  The domain name policy creation process comprises four key elements, which provide levels of visibility on the domain name portfolio that may not be currently understood by the organisation. By combining these views, prepared by our domain name experts and using Brandshelter’s proprietary technology, recommendations can be made that will shape a domain name policy for the organisation. The four key elements that make up the foundations of a domain name policy are:
  1. Portfolio Right-sizing Here we will review your business’ existing portfolio and create a report on domains that should be considered for cancellation, based on the fact that they are not providing any return on investment, or are simply “off-policy.” In addition, we will make recommendations on specific actions that need to be undertaken by the organisation to “right-size” the portfolio.
  2. Portfolio Integrity Model Report Our Portfolio Integrity Model (PIM), takes a forensic look at the domain names registered, examining owner consistency, domain and DNS settings, expiry policies and whether there are any registrations that sit outside of any existing guidelines set by the business. BrandShelter’s PIM works on a traffic light basis, flagging major risks and providing mitigating actions that can be taken to improve the health and integrity of the domain name portfolio and policy. In addition, a summary report can be provided on SSL usage across the portfolio.
  3. Keyword and TLD Gap Analysis Taking the results of the PIM output, we will will produce a report based on the key terms used within the domain name portfolio to show graphically: any gaps in registration coverage; where domains are registered by third-parties; recommendations on actions that could be taken These data can be used to ensure full coverage on the most critical terms to the organisation.
  4. Third Party Ownership and Risk Report  As well as providing an overview of organisation domain names that are held outside of the main portfolio, BrandShelter will provide a global view of all domain names that match key brand terms and trademarks that are registered by third-parties. The report will determine what risk these registrations may pose to the business. As part of this step, a domain-based, brand protection strategy can be created and implemented.
Creating a Domain Name Policy
We will take the results of the analysis and output from the four key elements detailed above to help it create an up-to-date Domain Name Policy. By understanding the current management processes for managing domain names, we will create a clear and structured policy that can be used by all stakeholders to manage the domain portfolio effectively and cost-efficiently. This will include:

About brandsec

Brandsec is a corporate domain name management and brand protection company that look after many of Australia, New Zealand and Asia’s top publicly listed brands.  We provide monitoring and enforcement services, DNS, SSL Management, domain name brokerage and dispute management and brand security consultation services.

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