AuDA issued an alert, via Twitter, of an email impersonation scam targeting .au registrants requesting for scan of personal documents.  Note, AuDA notified customers that they would never go directly to Registrants for requests of information.

SCAM ALERT from AUDA: We’ve are aware of a scam targeting .au registrants, with emails from someone posing as an auDA employee requesting scans of personal documents. Do not reply to it. auDA will only ask for this information via your registrar.

The domain name in question was “”

According to Whois records, the scammer who used the name “Ivan Siderov” and the email address to register the domain on the 20th of January.

The same scammer behind the AUDA domain, was linked to the registration and use of 30+ domains prior to targeting AUDA, some of which were used to support various phishing sites since early January.

AuDA reminded consumers that it would never request information directly from Registrants and to forward any concerning emails either directly to AuDA or to your Registrar’s abuse team.

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