Several years ago the ICM Registry launched XXX, .SEX, .ADULT and .PORN. In order to protect TM owners, they also introduced a special blocking phase called Sunrise B, which prevented 3rd party registrations.

In 2021, Sunrise B expires and is being replaced by AdultBlock and Adultblock+.

The marketing message from the Registry is: “For those brands who transfer their trademarks to AdultBlock before the retirement of the old service, they will continue to enjoy uninterrupted domain protection into the future”.

AdultBlock Application

  • The AdultBlock service ensures the registered term will be blocked in all four TLDs and automatically block any dropped names irrespective of the price of the domain name.
  • Matching Sunrise B .xxx domain name or SMD file required
  • Only available for 1 domain name
  • 1,3,5,10 year increments only
  • Already registered names and restricted names cannot be blocked until they are released

AdultBlock Plus Application

  • The AdultBlock+ service goes even further with all the protections of the AdultBlock coupled with the ability to block all look-alike variations that appear confusingly similar to the trademarked term.
  • You must have registered for a Sunrise B xxx domain or you must provide an SMD file from the Trademark Clearinghouse
  • Includes all labels in the SMD and automatic variants
  • 1,3,5,10 year increments only
  • Already registered names and restricted names cannot be blocked until they are released

While AdultBlock allows you to block exactly your trademark, without any variant protection, AdultBlock+ blocks all the variants granted by ICM under Sunrise B and/or those granted by the TMCH.

What are the Options?

The price ranges from $600 to $12,000 so it is not a cheap brand protection exercise by any stretch.  We recommend AdultBlock if there is a known, unacceptable, risk to your brand.

The alternative to registering your brand in AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ is to set up backorders for these domain names and try to catch them when the domain name is available for registration.  There is of course, no guarantee that you will be successful on the open domain name market; however, it is a much cheaper option if you are willing to take this risk.

If a 3rd party does register your domain name in any of these spaces, you can submit a complaint via the Uniform Rapid Suspension System, which is a rights protection mechanism that complements the existing Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). It offers a lower-cost, faster path to relief for IP owners with clear-cut cases of infringement.

We are not recommending one course of action over the other, but do suggest that each brand consider the risk in these spaces.  If there is an unacceptable risk level, then AdultBlock or AdultBlock+ may be the easiest option to prevent 3rd party registrations; otherwise, there are remedies such as the URS to retrospectively address incidents.

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