Domain Name Security

Don’t compromise security around your most valuable online assets.

Domain Name Security: Our Top Priority

Domain name security can often be overlooked in brand security infrastructure. brandsec provides products and services that ensure domain names and DNS are not compromised by malicious 3rd parties.

  • Domain name Registry and Registrar locks for critical domain names
  • Domain monitoring and enforcement to defend against brand theft

Keeping Watch of your domain names

  • Continuous monitoring of renewal dates
  • Auto-renewal for critical domain names
  • Domain portfolio review to verify that all domains have registrar locks
  • Domain policy and management review to ensure our clients are not exposed to attack
  • DNS monitoring or changes to DNS records
  • Whois monitoring of changes to the whois record

Protecting against Brand Theft

  • Monitoring for 3rd party domain name infringements
  • Defensive registrations where Trademarks don’t exist or where limited protection mechanisms are in place
  • DPML to ensure your brands are not registered in certain spaces
  • Enforcement of your trademark rights in multiple domain name spaces

Protecting your Digital Assets

Two Factor Authentication

Secure your account with a second user authentication factor. Choose between SMS or RFC 6238 compatible OTP applications like Google Authenticator. In addition to safeguarding user sign-in, two-factor authentication can be implemented for certain actions, such as domain modifications or DNS changes. Two-factor authentication can be set according to the needs of individual division or business unit. 

Fine-grained user permissions

User permissions are fully customizable. For as many users as your business model requires, each user action can be allowed or disallowed according to your specifications. Your domain portfolio can be arranged in groups such as divisions, each with its own customizable user access, permissions, and billing configuration. User access can also be restricted by IP address or range.

Hierarchical Approval 

Our hierarchical approval system can be used to ensure your collaborative business-critical processes are guarded with self-configured approval settings, preventing actions until all stakeholders have indicated approval. Our system allows multiple approval hierarchies if required, so that if the managers of one hierarchy approve a transaction, the action may then progress to the next hierarchy for approval. The action is not carried out until approved by the last member of the relevant hierarchical tier. Hierarchical configurations per division are also possible.

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