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Domain names are like your brand on the internet so it’s important that you choose a domain name that it is not open to ridicule, mockery or teasing due to a missed faux pas.

Like a parent whose surname is ‘Head’ you want to avoid combining certain first names for your children, like ‘Richard’.  The parents of Hugh Jarse and Neil Down must have missed the joke when it came to christening their new borns.

It’s important to remember that when you remove the spaces between the words of your brand you can be left with often funny and sometimes shocking unintended meanings.  Here are some domain names that have caught the attention of the internet for reasons other than intended:

  1. Choose Spain was confused for ‘chooses pain’.
  2. Dickson Web could be mistaken for an unsavory website.
  3.  Speed of Art sounded more like a frat house swimming game.
  4.  IT Scrap came off as ‘it is crap’.
  5.  The News Talker was confused for ‘the new stalker’.  An episode of Law and Order maybe?

These are the cleanest domain names that we found and there are blogs on funny domain names that are quite shocking in some cases.  For Brand Managers, it’s important to stay cognizant of possible dual meaning in brand names and pay particular attention what happens when you remove all of the spaces and insert them into a domain name. Happy branding.

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