by Ed Seaford, Managing Director of brandsec

Earlier last week, a member from the media contacted me if I knew any way to provide them with a list of Facebook’s domain names and update them on any new registrations.

I wasn’t surprised by the request. The Facebook (FB) re-brand was all over the media with reports suggesting that it would focus on its metaverse plans.

Getting FB’s list of known domain names is relatively easy.  When a company like FB registers a domain name, the details of the registration (creation date, expirations date, name servers) and the Registrant (org, address, phone, email etc) are saved in a publicly available database called WHOIS.

By conducting what is called a Reverse Whois anyone can search for domains connected to a specific Registrant’s organization, an individual’s name or email address.

A Reverse Whois on “Facebook, Inc” and “” uncovered over 10,000 domain names that provided some interesting insights into Facebook the company, but none of the domains contained the term “meta” or “metaverse”.

We also set up a monitor alert for any new domain names registered to Facebook Inc and associated businesses, which didn’t provide any insight relevant to the re-brand.

Facebook cleverly registered the domain name using a privacy service that hides the details from public scrutiny.  They didn’t register their domain name with their Corporate Registrar, instead chose one of the largest Retail Registrars in the world, which rendered monitoring tools relatively ineffective.

Domain Investors speculation turned out to be correct

Domain investors are an extremely knowledgeable bunch and with regards to the FB re-brand correctly guessed the domain name would be

On 20 October, a good week before the announcement, a Twitter user by the name of @rwyno responded to another Domain Investor that FB was possibly behind the domain name  They tweeted:

The domain name had been hiding in plain site, and was registered to Facebook the entire time, they were just clever enough to separate it from their corporate portfolio and used a privacy service that provided enough protection to keep the re-brand under wraps.

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