AuDA, Australia’s .au regulatory body issued its annual report last week, covering the 20/21 financial year.

During this period, the .au domain name space increased 5% to over 3.34 million domains. .AU recorded over 51,000 new domain name registrations per month, which is a 15% increase from the prior year.

What is interesting was the significant increase in DNS queries on .AU name servers. During the financial year, .au nameservers processed an average 44,900 DNS queries per second, an increase of 131 percent from 2019-20, with growth in queries originating from both Australia and overseas. This compares to only a 22 percent increase from 2018-19 to 2019-20. The boost in traffic over the reporting period underpins the importance of a reliable, secure DNS infrastructure.

It is important that brands ensure their critical DNS domain names are supported by enterprise-grade Anycast DNS, such as UltraDNS to ensure that they can withstand current and future demand. Also, to ensure that your business is staying ahead of the ever-growing list of DNS threats.

Top Three Tips to Optimise your DNS infrastructure

  1. Use an enterprise-grade Anycast DNS solution for critical domain names that can handle increased query loads, spikes and DNS query-based attacks.
  2. Monitor your query load against capacity, especially if your business experiences seasonal peaks or event-based spikes such as Click Frenzy or Black Friday.
  3. Leverage DNS-based load balancing that uses the DNS to distribute traffic across several nodes and servers. If a server suffers degradation queries will be rebalanced to available servers.

About brandsec

brandsec is a corporate domain name management and brand protection company that looks after many of Australia, New Zealand and Asia’s top publicly listed brands. We provide monitoring and enforcement services, Enterprise DNS, SSL management, domain name brokerage and dispute management and brand security consultation services.



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