Kasey Lee recently wrote a great piece on Domain Wire about what domain namespaces the Fortune 100 Chinese companies prefer.  The research spanned three years and the results were very interesting.

In China, the two major domain name space are .com and China ccTLD, .cn.  Together, they account for 95% of all used domain names.

Extension 2019 2020 2021
.com 72% 71% 70%
.cn 25% 26% 27%

Unlike the .com.au, the .cn plays a secondary role in China in terms of popularity.  Some interesting facts about the .cn are:

  • As of 2021, 54% of .cn domain names owned by fortune 100 companies did not resolve, 4% were forwards, 7% were for sale and only 33% were active.
  • Chinese companies like short names, the average domain length is 7 letters.
  • English words makes up 43% of all Chinese domain names, followed by acronyms (31%), mixed language (19%), Pinyin (6%), numeric (1%).

Short English-based domain names in the .com space will continue to be in demand in China.  This might make it easier for some brand owners where they don’t meet specific .CN registration requirements.

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