This blog looks at how to register a Chinese domain name and some of the issues you might face.

.CN is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for mainland China. The Size of the Chinese economy and population make it an attractive domain name, with over 20 million registrations – by far that largest in terms of registration in the world.

Before May 2012, it was difficult to get a .CN domain name.  Only Chinese registered business could register one.   Fortunately, the China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC), the government agency responsible for operating .CN has updated its policy, so now anyone can register a .CN domain name whether you are Chinese or foreign.

Just because you can register a .CN domain, doesn’t mean that you can use it

Once you have registered you .CN domain name CNNIC will review the registration and personal information for verification.  Only until your details have been verified can you amend the name servers.

Verification document requirements for foreign companies

  • Company’s registration certificate
  • A copy of an identity card from the companies representative (national ID, passport, drivers license, and so on.)
  • A letter of Commitment with an authorised signature

Verification document requirements for foreign individuals

  • A copy of an identity card (national ID, driver’s license, passport, and so on)
  • A letter of Commitment with an authorised signature

Once documents have been received and acknowledged by CNNIC, they can take up to 15 days to approve the use of the domain name.

Once you have successfully registered your domain name you are going to need to look at hosting options.  This can be tricky.  Locally hosted websites in China must have an Internet Content Provider Licence to avoid being blocked by censors. To avoid having to apply for an ICP, many companies instead host their websites in nearby Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau.

Amazon China can assist foreigners with their hosting needs.   We hope that this has answered your questions on how to register a Chinese domain name.  Check out our blog on how to choose a Chinese domain name.

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