Secondary DNS often gets overlooked in infrastructure architectural planning.  This article looks at the benefits of implementing secondary DNS to an organizations network.

In recent times we have seen major companies experience large scale DNS disruptions through either failed or compromised DNS. A few weeks back, it was Ebay, who experienced a DNS outage that affected thousands of users. And not too long ago Akamai experienced a major outage across their network, affecting many of their customers.  Through the use of a secondary DNS provider, issues like this can be minimized.

Why Implement Secondary DNS?

In short, if your primary server fails or is compromised due to a DDOS attack this will mean that users will not be able to access or visit the intended website, leading to thousands, even millions of dollars in lost revenue for major corporations. 

Secondary DNS allows an additional layer of security by adding redundancy to your primary servers and making it less likely that users will experience a disruption of service. If the primary DNS fails due to an outage or attack, secondary DNS will come into effect, ensuring uptime across critical websites.

How does Secondary DNS work?

Secondary DNS works by replicating the master or primary server zone on the secondary nameservers. This is done by the configuration of specific records on the master servers so that secondary name servers receive information about the domain from the primary or master name servers. This setup allows both the master and secondary servers to communicate and transfer the zones to the secondary DNS servers when there are changes made to the master servers.

If you are using a 3rd party DNS provider, it’s important to consider a secondary DNS solution, to mitigate risk.

At brandsec we offer both Unicast and Anycast secondary DNS Solutions. Talk to brandsec on how we can assist with domain name and DNS management and work with you to implement the right solution for your business.

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