Recently Kassey Lee of Domain Name Wire, wrote about the important elements of choosing a Chinese domain name and referred to an old video of Lei Jun, Founder of Xaiomi who gave his insights into how Chinese companies have developed successful business by choosing the right domain name.

Lei Jun is a Chinese billionaire entrepreneur who co-founded Xiaomi Inc, one of the largest mobile phone makers in the world. In June 2018, Xiaomi raised US$4.72 billion after listing at the Hong Kong Exchange. In 2014, he was named Businessman of the Year by Forbes.

In a recent video, Lei talked about choosing names for startups. He emphasizes that a good (brand) name is one that is meaningful and easy to pronounce, which also comes with the corresponding trademark and domain name.

He sees the majority of entrepreneurs choosing 4-pin names but the 1% that succeed make good decisions, starting from the moment of choosing a name.

Good names, he said, are those such as Lian Xiang (联想=Lenovo), Bai Du (百度=Baidu), Teng Xun (腾讯=Tencent), Hua Wei (华为=Huawei), and Zhong Xing (中兴=ZTE). Interestingly, all of these are 2-pin names -– and so is Xiao Mi (小米=Xiaomi).

Lee then expands on Lei’s proposition by stating that a good (brand) name is one that is meaningful and easy to pronounce in China as well as the rest of the world, which also comes with the corresponding trademark and domain.

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