A non-profit government watchdog,  Citizens for a Better Kenner, Inc.,  registered the domain name CitizensforaBetterKenner.com in 2011 to promote its cause, but according to Domain Name Wire, let it expire.

What has become apparent is that someone from the other side was watching the watchdog’s domain name and snapped it up before Citizens for a Better Kenner, Inc., was any the wiser.

The unidentified new domain name registrant then posted quite an opposing view of the organisation:

Thank you to Mayor Zahn, the Kenner City Council, and Chief Glaser for doing an excellent job keeping our city moving in the right direction in 2019.

The overwhelming volume of Kenner residents appreciates what you do!

In a subsequent Lawsuit to try to recover the domain name, they state that “The opinions and content as currently displayed on the website are in stark contrast to the actual opinions of the actual CFBK.”

Proving bad faith could be tricky given America’s view on freedom of speech and the lack of a profit motive.  When a domain name expires and a new registrant honestly picks it up it creates some complexity for the brand to recover it.

This is yet another example of the unheralded value a proper domain name management service provides and the work, anxiety and cost it prevents.

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