Billshark 1-Star counter-attack on competitor

Reported on Forbes in 2018, a US company called Woodsum (utilities bill reduction company) launched a Google Adwords campaign that targeted another player in their space called Billshark.  This meant that Woodsum would be found on top of page one when people Google searched “Billshark”.

Billshark saw this as an attack on their IP and so lauched their own counter-attack and based on Woodsum’s feedback had their executive, staff and family members (even the CEOs wife) flood Woodsum facebook review page with 1-star reviews.  As a result, Woodsum’s review grade went from a 4.9 to a 2.5.

Apparently, Woodsum tried reporting the reviews but Facebook didn’t reply to his requests.  Subsequently, Woodsum turned of reviews all together.



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