Fake Social Media Profiles

brandsec manages deletion of social media profiles that impersonate your brand.

Social Impersonation

Fake profiles expose brand owners to serious threats including identity theft, theft of customers, revenues and damage to the goodwill of a targeted brand. Twitter estimates that approximately 8% of its profiles are fake and identifying fake profiles as they appear is trick without technology constantly scanning social media platforms. Fake profiles vary in intent. The most common reasons that we see fake profiles are:
  • opportunistic registrations – 3rd parties hoping to sell a handle back to the brand owner
  • sell counterfeit products – on a handle branded with the IP owners logos, content and products
  • steal traffic – normally competitors or advertisement/traffic firms trying to direct your customers to their web properties
  • harm your reputation – disgruntled customers, ex-employees or business associates intent on harming your brand
fake review

Removing Fake Profiles

brandsec have developed proven monitoring & enforcement processes to detect and assistance with removing fake profiles on dozen of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

Fake Profile Takedown Service 

  • Identification of fake profile
  • Profile/user research
  • Case management complaint and takedown

Managing takedown of fake profiles and fake reviews can be hit and miss if you try to engage the social media platforms direction. It is critical that businesses engage brand protection companies like brandsec who have well developed processes and relationships to deal with fake profiles when they occur. In the long run it will save you time, money and brand reputation.

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