The Future of .au is bright with changes coming to the au domain name space in 2020. Afilias Australia, the .AU Registry that looks after over 3.2 million domain names recently published a list of what’s coming in 2020 about their exciting initiatives. It is hoped these initiatives will improve Australia’s Internet security and governance for brands and consumers.

Here is a brief summary of Afilias focus in 2020 has been noted to be:

.AU Direct Registration

The biggest change that will impact the au domain name space is definitely the .AU Direct Registration program. Afilias conducted an extensive consultation in 2019 and recently announced that a launch date for .AU direct registration is likely to be announced soon. Once launched, direct registration of .au domain names will become available to the general Australian public. .au domain names will be able to be registered at the second level, immediately before the Top Level Domain (

Cyber Security

Afilias note that whether it’s phishing, social engineering, DDoS or another type of attack, these are acts intended to cause harm to your online systems, and it is important to understand what needs to be done to protect yourself and your organisation. There has been no information however, on the types of activity they will be conducting to educate or promote awareness about cyber security on the Internet.  We should expect some sort of consumer awareness activity to limit the damage bad actors cause.

Internet Governance 

Afilias are partly responsible for Internet governance in Australia, particularly with regards to domain names that they see as being crucial to delivering a secure, inclusive internet. AuDA are heavily involved, through sponsorship in forums such as NetThing to discuss issues surrounding policy development, data privacy, censorship and security. NetThing is the renewal of an annual forum to strengthen Australia’s Internet governance community, and consists of robust Australia-based Internet policy exploration and discussion. Afilias note they will be sponsoring again in 2020.


The Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP)  is an alternative to Whois for accessing Internet resource registration data. RDAP is designed to address a number of shortcomings in the existing Whois service.  Afilias are looking into RDAP, but note that as a self-regulatory body for the .au namespace, AuDA is open to its introduction, but highlight that current protocols are working satisfactorily in .au.

Women in Technology

Afilias noted that recognising the role of women as leaders in technology and in the workforce was an important issue in 2019 and will continue in 2020. They are likely to once again promote the issues are  International Women’s Day events such as the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference.

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