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At brandsec, we are proud to be recognized as the leading authority in online brand protection across the Asia Pacific region. Whether you’re facing online impersonation, trademark or copyright infringements, or digital security threats, brandsec is your trusted partner.

Tailored brand protection solution for your brand


Detect any suspicious online activity, immediately


Take down online content that may be damaging your brand

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Brand Protection

Whether you are a product owner, have a social media audience or want to ensure your brand is not attacked online, brandsec’s Brand Protection service is your first port of call.

Protecting your name is our business.

End to end anti-counterfeit solution.

Fake reviews and hate comment removal service.

Get fake websites or affiliations removed online.

brand protection
online forensics

Full Scope Of Services

When you experience a brand attack, the first step is to develop a forensic profile of the attacker. brandsec specialise in brand investigation and forensic services.

Digital investigation by our brand security experts.

Detect fake social media profile, online identity theft, scams.

Develop forensic profiles of 3rd party infringers.


brandsec provides domain name protection products that ensure third parties do not cyber squat on your intellectual property.

Protect your IP in hundreds of domain name spaces.

Be notified when someone tries to register your brand in a domain name.

Reserve your first right to register your brands in spaces important to your business.

Domain Disputes

brandsec has extensive experience managing disputes through various countries and processes. Our team specialise in DRP management and have an impeccable track record of successful outcomes for our clients.

End to End domain name dispute management services.

Experts in DRP and auDRP dispute management.

Domain name transfer and 3rd party communication management.